When Did It Become All About Sex?

I Recently Went On A Date With A Man I Had Known For A Week- We Had Been Constantly Talking, The Banter Was Exhilarating In Comparison To The Men I’m Used To Or As I’d Like To Call Them “ShitDick’s” You know the ‘You’re Fit/Sexy, Lets Go For A Drive’ AKA Lets Drive Around For 15 Minutes, Then Pull Up, Make A Move, Attempt To Get Some & That’s It-Booty Called!! But This ShitDick & I Spoke Daily & Decided To Meet Up For A Game Of Pool & Dinner.

Date Night Came & I Was Nervous, I Found Myself Not Just Ridiculously Attracted To Him But We Actually Got Along. He Picked Me Up & The Nerves Calmed Soon As I Got Into His Car, The Evening Was Great, A Lot Of Flirting & Laughing All Evening – I Was Content & Happy At How Well It Went (I’m A Dating Newbie To An Extent) I Rang My Girls & Paraded About How Good It Went..

The Next Morning He Sends Me A Message “Let’s Hear The Analysis Then” I Wanted To Jump Right To It & Say “You’re Amazing!! Can’t Wait To See You Again!!” Realising This Could possibly Be The Worst Thing I Could Say I Coolly Opted For “you first” He Explained He Had A Laugh, Was A Good Night But He Doesn’t Think It Would Be Anything Serious As He Would Eventually Like To Marry & Have Kids, (I Have Days When I Love The Idea Of Both & Days I Don’t & Who The Hell Wants To Scream I Wanna Get Married & Breed On A First Date Anyway!) So We Have Different Agendas Therefore Would Be A Waste Of Time… This Is All True I Couldn’t Agree Less It Would Be An Utter Waste Of Time & All In All I Respect A Person Who Knows What They Want. He Then Went On To Saying I’m Good looking, Nice body Etc Etc However If I Wanted Something Casual He’s All Ears, I Declined Thinking Cunt!!! He Then Said It Was A Shame As He Felt A Bit Of Sexual Chemistry During Pool & If I’m Ever Horny Then To “Drop Him A Message”.

I Was Baffled & Confused, Then I Realised With The Help Of My Troop That The Whole Gentlemen Act Was Just That! An Act!!! A Facade Even, All He Wanted Was Sex But Was Sugar Coating It.

If This Was A Few Months Ago, I Wouldn’t Have Minded A Friends With Benefits Kind of Fling, But A Recent Epiphany About Body Counts Made Me Think “ Ease Up”

Wouldn’t It Be Easier To Clarify From The Beginning Whats Really Wanted Instead Of Speaking Continuously For A Week & Asking For Wake Up Calls For Work?! Am I The Only One Who Thinks This Gives Off A Relationship Vibe?

Days Went On & I Still Couldn’t Believe It, The Cheek, Then It Hit Me He’s Too Immature To Date!

I Can’t Help But Wonder, Is This All Dating Comes Down To In This Day And Age, Sex Or Take A Hike?!


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